Do you want your good intentions into reality? So put on your shorts and running. If you do, you've chosen the most effective method exists to burn calories, as is a guide of the Generalitat Valenciana detailing how much exercise you do to burn extra 2,000 calories you eat in a holiday meal.

According to this manual, you need to run 23 kilometers at a moderate pace to burn 2,000 calories. Another option would be to pedal a bike or swim for four hours three hours and forty minutes. If not satisfied, the guide offers another possibility: playing cards, though, for at least 22 hours to burn a Christmas dinner. This may be more difficult than using African mango diet to lose weight but more healthy and effective.

More possibilities: climbing stairs (953 calories per hour), vacuuming (281 calories / h), jet (213), drive a car (174), read (89) or even sleep (73).

The fastest method

But if you really want fast results and effective, it is best to make the effort and run. In fact, what counts most is how long it takes to do an exercise and heart rate. A less rapid pulse, more energy expenditure.

For example, if you run at an intense pace (10 km / h) can consume up to half of 1,260 calories per hour, which means you'd have to corrrer for 95 minutes and over 14 kilometers to forget about the food Christmas (which can represent between 4,000 and 4,500 calories, ie 2,000 more than you eat in a day "normal").

If your rate is lower, you will need 23 kilometers to burn 2,000 calories, but even in this case, you will burn more calories than doing any other sport. You can add a fat berner like quick trim to get better results, check some Quick Trim reviews to get a good idea about it.

Your balance of the year

Nevertheless, if you want to tell the truth, exercise is usually not enough to lose 3 to 4 kilos who make at Christmas. This requires a balanced diet, and facing the following year, to accompany holiday meals for breakfast and light dinner.

According to that guide, the population earns on average between half a kilo and a kilo per year (unless you stop smoking, in which case the figure is at 6 kilos), so it is very necessary not to make additional contributions December to the contribution of overall weight. If so, you can easily finish the year with 4 extra kilos, unless you do penance in January in shorts.

Make sure that you follow the above tips on regular basis to be effective to lose fat. Also consider adding a weight loss pill like African Mango Plus to make the results faster.

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