Are you having problems with losing weight? You don't have much time in order to plan your meals to eat healthier foods or you don't like exercising or playing sports every day? You don't like special diet like African mango diet? Then try out this new strategy to successfully lose weight. It's called intermittent fasting!

We all know what fasting is. Fasting is when you don't consume any calories during a certain period of time. This technique is used by several cultures in our world, for example in "Ramadan" in which muslims fast for a whole month.

But we are talking about intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting consists in having periods of fasting and periods of feeding. There are different way of doing this. One of the most popular ways of intermittent fasting is to fast for around 16-18 hours and then eat for 6-8 hours. This means that you could be fasting from 12am up to 4pm and then eat from 4pm until 12 am. You could also use 24 hour fasts twice a week. For example, you could fast on tuesday from 4pm until wednesday 4pm and from friday 4pm to saturday 4pm.

The first few days of doing intermittent fasting can be difficult as you will most probably be hungry a few hours before your feeding period starts. In order to reduce this appetite and to avoid cravings, just drink a lot of water and chew some sugar less chewing gum. You should be able to withstand the cravings with just a little bit of willpower. It may look diffult at the beginning but then you will find it easier than taking quick trim pills (read quick trim reviews here).

Here are a few other reasons for you to start with intermittent fasting:

-You will definitely lose weight.

-Your body burns calories no matter what you do. Even when you are sitting, your body burns calories. So when you don't eat, you don't consume calories. A normal human being burns around 2000 calories a day. Now if you fast for 24 hours, that means that your body burn 2000 calories, which is about 250g of weightloss per day.

-You can almost eat whatever you want.

ALMOST! Don't think about eating pizza and other junk foods. You still have to have a correct diet in order to successfully lose weight. When I say, you can eat almost whatever you want, I mean that you don't have to be too strict on yourself. Eat whatever you like as long as it isn't junk food.

-You save a lot of time!

Fasting gives you a lot more time for other things. Think about it. Instead of cooking and eating, you can do many other things. You don't just lose weight but you also have more time for yourself. Also it saves you money better than spending it on diets like African Mango Plus.

As you can see, intermittent fasting is a great and easy way to lose weight.

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